Iā€™m called Innocent. For most part - I am. I code. I data. I learn. I live. But I live for the better of others. Not kidding. Its a pattern - my pattern.


  • Ruby on Rails - Super comfortable. Can build a CMS in a day!
  • Meteor.js - Got this super comfortable - until React came in. I do reasonable here.
  • Android - For the love of it.


  • Data Science is it for me.
  • Building products powered by DS is fun and magic - the magic keeps me at it!
  • Second place at the first Machine Hackathon in Nigera. Well the $$ was good!
  • Co-founder and Software Engineering lead at Ubenwa.com - AI for health diagnostics in a mission to save 1.2m infants deaths - here
  • Data Science Faculty Lead at Coven Labs - Empowering 10,000 marginalized youth with Data Science skill-sets.

I am

  • Building Oncenout.com with Rails

I want to

  • Do more in DS
  • Crack React.js for Metoer.js and Rails

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